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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrows may be lost as a result of traumas, burns, accidents and some skin disorders. Today, the shaping of the eyebrows is also under the influence of fashion trends. With the effect of these flows, eyebrows are shaped by taking, but as a result of being taken frequently for a while, the eyebrow can be damaged and some areas of the eyebrow cannot be successful even if it is desired to be thickened later. Eyebrow transplantation is an effective method for people who have lost as a result of previous traumas, burns and some skin conditions, who do not come back after taking and who want to have thicker eyebrows. Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure consisting of the transplantation of hair follicles resistant to shedding in the nape area to the eyebrow area.

In eyebrow transplantation, the new shape to be given eyebrows is planned by staying within anatomical limits and drawing by taking into account the patient's wishes. Ineyebrow transplantation, NaturalnessEyebrows should start from the inner level of the eyelids and continue to slide a few mm outside the outer edges of the eyelids. The intervention is planned and performed as close as possible to the eyebrow shape desired by the patient, provided that it remains within these anatomical limits. These roots taken from the nape area should be placed at a certain angle and in a certain direction in the area where they will be transplanted. The angle and direction of the eyebrows are arranged in 3 different areas of the eyebrow in different directions and at different angles. Hair follicles usually come out of our skin at a 45-degree angle..

Our eyebrows come out of the skin at an angle of about 10-15 degrees, which can be considered parallel to our skin, and they have an upward shape in the inner part of the eyebrow, parallel to the ground as they come out, and slightly downward shape on the outer part of the eyebrow. Between 8-12 months, all of the transplanted beards are removed and the face gains a natural appearance. The results are definitive and permanent in eyebrow transplantation.

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