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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is basically a tissue transplant.Hair transplantation is the process of transplanting to sparse areas by taking from the back of the neck (donor area), which is genetically coded not to shed, where the roots are dense. Root removal can also be performed from the chest and beard depending on the need.Today, many people may face hair loss due to genetics, stress and other reasons.

This situation can cause negative psychological and emotional effects on people. Forthis reason, hair transplantation is an operation that will give the fastest natural and definitive results with a professional team.

Hair transplantation is not like other operations and can return to daily life the next day.After a short and easy operation, you can regain your old healthy hair and have a psychologically younger and happier appearance.

Providing beauty everywhere – with multiple locations around the globe, Turk Hair Institute is pleased to extend its cosmetic and health care services to the 3 corners of the world. Being present in key world destinations – Istanbul, Netherlands, Deutschland – allowed us to push the envelope in hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery treatments and medical tourism industry, helping thousands of international patients receive first class treatment at an affordable cost.