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How to do hair transplantation?

With the development of hair transplantation technology, hair transplantation styles have also changed and diversified. Today, there are many hair transplantation methods by FUT, Fue Hair Transplantation and Choi dhı hair transplantation. Hair transplantation with outlines is the process of transplanting the grafts to be taken from the donor area of the individual to the specified areas. Now, hair transplantation can be performed comfortably without pain, pain and needles with the help of Laser-assisted Dhi Pro hair transplantation developed by our experts.

One of the questions we usually encounter is whether pussyless hair transplantation is possible. With the technology developed by the Turk Hair Institute, hair transplantation can be done without haircutting with different methods. Of course, there are some criteria for this situation. Your hair should be of a certain length and the condition of your donor area should be appropriate

Hair transplantation amounts are shaped according to certain criteria. First of all, it is very important what method you will have done. It is very natural to distinguish between the price of unshaven hair transplantation and the price of Fue hair transplantation. Again, the local hair transplantation price and the hair transplantation price to be applied to the whole hair will vary. The most important reason for this is the change in the number of grafts to be transplanted

Hair transplantation can be performed for people who do not have sufficient number of grafts in the donor area thanks to the latest technology hair transplantation methods. If there is not enough graft in the nape of the person, he/she can have hair transplantation from the beard, hair transplantation from the chest hair or especially hair transplantation from the chest hair. However, the most important criterion here is whether the body hair meets the transplantation criteria.

The most important issue of individuals who want to have hair transplantation is the quality of the health center and the procedures, as well as the price performance.

Apart from this, they are accommodation and VIP transfer services within the comfort privileges. The most important advice we can give you here is to not be bound within your own borders, regardless of which region you are in before starting the hair transplantation process. The treatment experience, hygienic environment and patient opinions of the health center are very important

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