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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a supplement of minerals and vitamins that the hair needs, as in every living cell.Special serums are injected carefully from the middle part of the skin where the hair follicle is located.The purpose of hair mesotherapy is to provide revitalization in the hair and to end hair loss for whatever reason.Hair mesotherapy cannot be applied to the scalp and applied to the completely hairless, lost area.In order for mesotherapy hair follicles to form healthier and lifelong hair strands, the hair follicles are made more active by allowing the substances needed by the hair to penetrate directly into the scalp.It is applied to prevent hair loss to protect the hair and make it more frequent.

The substances in hair mesotherapy nourish the hair follicles and contain vitamin minerals and antioxidants. Those who want to lose their hair due toseasonal hair loss, stress, and make their hair more vibrant and lush can easily use this method.Thanks to mesotherapy, the hair gains a more voluminous and brighter appearance with the beneficial substances offered to the hair.

Hair mesotherapy provides blood circulation in the hair follicles.Hair mesotherapy is performed at 7-10 day intervals, 4 or 10 sessions can be applied depending on the amount of hair loss and damage to the hair.

Hair mesotherapy is applied with fine-tipped needles, a small amount of pain can be felt.The desired results of hair mesotherapy depend on the health status of the person.In other words, if the person has a disease that will cause hair loss, it should be treated first and then mesotherapy should beperformed.

There are no side effects of hair mesotherapy, this method is applied to children who experience hair loss all the time and even in a condition called hair loss.It is painless and painless.

Hair mesotherapy should definitely be performed by dermatologists because they know the structure of the hair well.There is nothing to be considered after hair mesotherapy, the person can easily continue his/her daily life. What are thebenefits ofhair?Mesotherapy is used as an alternative in hair loss, especially when this fluid is injected into the hair bottoms.Especially in areas where hair strands are thinned, the keratinocytes and epithelial growth factors provided by platelets to the region give accurate results.PRP provides thickening of the hair follicles in the region, volume and growth of the follicles for hair that is weakened by hair treatment..

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