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Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is a definitive and permanent treatment method that is frequently applied in leanness, sparse or scattered beard conditions. It can be done from the age of 21-22 when the hormones reach the ideal level. Although beard transplantation is mostly preferred by men with leatheriness problems, many men who face a rare or scattered beard problem today also have beard transplantation and get more natural, aesthetic beards.Beard is at least as important as hair for men in terms of aesthetics.

The beard, which is seen as a symbol of masculinity for men in many societies of the world today, is an important accessory for a more charismatic and masculine appearance by extending or giving various shapes to the man when he wants, even if he is not left.Beard transplantation operation is no different from hair transplantation as a method.

With the FUE technique, the hair follicles taken from the area between the two ears or from the nape of the neck, which are genetically at least spilled using special micro motors, are planted one by one with micro forceps in the channels opened with the technique called lateral slit in the area where beard transplantation is to be performed. Since local anesthesia is applied to the transplanted beard area during the operation, no pain or pain is felt during the procedure.

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